Lipid profiles and fibrinogen levels in coronary heart disease and dyslipidemic patients in Dr. Sardjito Hospital Yogyakarta

Pramudji Hastuti Tasmini, Radityo PA, Ahmad Husain Asdi Tri Hartati, Abdul Salam M Sofro(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


Epidemiological studies indicated that fibrinogen and dyslipidemia were important risk factors for cardiovascular
disease (CVD). For several populations in theworld, increase in cholesterol level and decrease in high-density lipoprotein
cholesterol (HDL-C) were risk factors for coronary heart disease (CHD). The role of elevated fibrinogen in thrombosis
suggests that it may be the causal pathway for certain risk factors of CHD. The aim of this study is to determine the
role of lipid profile and fibrinogen level as risk factors of coronary heart disease. Blood samples were obtained from
CHD patients, dyslipidemic patients, and controls after they had fasted. Lipid profiles and fibrinogen level of CHD
and dyslipidemic patients were determined and compared with controls. There were 92 subjects in this study,
consisted of 35 CHD patients, 31 dyslipidemic patients, and 26 controls. There were significant difference in
triglyceride level between CHD and dyslipidemic patients, also between dyslipidemic patients and controls (p<0.05).
Significant difference in level of cholesterol also existed between CHD patients and dyslipidemic patients, also
between CHD patients and controls (p<0.05). In dyslipidemic patients, decreased in HDL-C level was risk factor
for CHD. Meanwhile for controls, high level of cholesterol and LDL-C also low level of HDL-C were risk factor for
CHD, but fibrinogen level was not risk factor for CHD. In conclusion, lipid profile was risk factor for CHD whereas
fibrinogen level was not risk factor for CHD.
Keywords: lipid profile – fibrinogen - coronary heart disease - dyslipidemia

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