Kebutaan Akibat Kelainan di Fundus

A. Soemarsono A. Soemarsono(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


The mechanism of blindness by fundus anomalia was presented. The criteria of blindness were determined by visual acuity 3/60 or less.
During a one-year period from januafy to December 1983 there were found 71 cases of blindness
of both eyes and-78 cases of blindness of one eye.
The kinds of blindness found at Dr. Sardjito Hospital were retinitis/choziorecinitis 27 patients, retinopathy 17 patients, glaucoma 69 patients, N 11 atrophy 16 patients, macula degeneration 2 patients, and retinal bleeding 2 patients,
All the blindness were irreversible.

Key Words: blindness - fundus anomalia - chorioretinitis retinopathy glaucoma

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