Sutopo Hadi(1*)

(1) hemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Lampung, Jl. S. Brojonegoro No 1, Gedong Meneng, Bandarlampung 35145
(*) Corresponding Author


he synthesis of two stable platinum(IV) complexes containing methoxo ligand, [Pt(CH3)2(OCH3)(OH)py2] (1) and fac-[Pt(CH3)2(OCH3)(H2O)3] (2), has been successfully performed. Complex 1 was prepared by oxidative addition reaction of cis-[Pt(CH3)2py2] with dry methanol, and a subsequent reaction of 1 with 70 % HClO4 in water produced the platinum complex 2. The stability of complex 2 in acidic aqueous solution was investigated and monitored with 1H and 195Pt NMR. The platinum complex 2 was found to be quite stable toward hydrolysis and no -hydride elimination was observed.


Methoxoplatinum(IV); NMR; complex stability; hydrolysis

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