Reviewers Guidelines

  1. Please check your email that contains the title and abstract of the manuscript. Make sure that the substance matches with your expertise, no conflict of interest in reviewing the manuscript, and you have time to review the manuscript. Otherwise, please contact the editor.
  2. Please login to the Open Journal System of Ilmu Pertanian (Agricultural Science) by clicking the URL Link attached on the email or website <>. If you are willing to review the manuscript, please accept the request by clicking “will do the review”. If you are not able to review the manuscript, please click “unable to do the review” by providing some reasons.
  3. The manuscript file is available in the review version section and can be downloaded in the word type. Please do not share it with anyone else, except with permission of editor/s for reviewing purpose.
  4. Please give suggestions by add comments to the file. Kindly check the following points:
    1. Title: Does the title appropriate, concise, and clear?
    2. Abstract: Does the abstract represent the manuscript? Do the keywords selected and formulated appropriately? Make sure that an abstract contains all aspect of the manuscript (Introduction, material and methods, result, and conclusion).
    3. Introduction: Does the introduction provide the purpose and the importance of the research, and contain information according to the previous study?
    4. Materials and Methods: Does the methods and the experimental design appropriate for the purpose of the research? Does the procedure of research describe completely?
    5. Results and Discussion: Does the data interpreted and explained clearly? Do Tables and Figures easily to understand? Does the discussion relevant to the scope of research? Does the author discuss the data comprehensively by referring to the results?
    6. Conclusion: Does the conclusion solve the purpose of the research? Does it arrange simply and clearly?
    7. References: Does the author provide the references completely? If necessary, please suggest reducing or add the references.
  5. After the comments given please save the file. Then login to Open Journal System (OJS) of Ilmu Pertanian (Agricultural Science). Please complete the reviewing form first, then upload the reviewed file with your comments. Finally, decide the status of the article with following options:
    1. Accept Subsmission (without revision)
    2. Revisions Required
    3. Resubmit for Review
    4. Decline Submission (Reject)
  6. The last one, click the “Submit Review” button.