Peranan Kepuasan Kebutuhan Dasar Psikologis dan Orientasi Tujuan Mastery Approach terhadap Belajar Berdasar Regulasi Diri

St. Nurjannah Yunus Tekeng, Asmadi Alsa
(Submitted 8 March 2017)
(Published 1 June 2016)


This research aims at empirically examining the role of basic psychological need satisfaction and mastery approach goal orientation toward the self-regulated learning of the university students. The subject of this research consisted of 240 students the third, the fifth, and the seventh semester students of the faculty of education and teaching at the State Islamic University Makassar derived from eight departments. The sample taken by using multi stage cluster random sampling tecnique. The research instruments used were the self-regulated learning scale, the psychological basic need scale, and the mastery approach goal orientation scale. The data analyzed by using multiple regression analysis. The result shows that the value of Fregression = 115.303, and the value of p < 0.001. This means that the hypothesis of this research is accepted or the basic psychological need together with the mastery approach goal orientation can significantly predict the self- regulated learning of the university students with effective contribution R 2 = 0.493 or 49.3%. Partially, the two predictors showed a different contribution where the basic psychological need satisfaction contributed 4.9% and the mastery approach goal orientation contributed 44.4% to the self-regulated learning of the university students.


basic psychological need satisfaction, goal orientation, mastery approach, self- regulated learning

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DOI: 10.22146/jpsi.22856


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