Kinerja Karyawan Berdasarkan Keterbukaan terhadap Pengalaman, Organizational Citizenship Behavior dan Budaya Organisasi

Pratista Arya Satwika, Fathul Himam
(Submitted 25 August 2015)
(Published 23 December 2014)


Globalization era demands high organization’s performance to survive. There are some human resource problems in Indonesia that indirectly influence individuals’ performance in the organization. This research aimed to determine openness to experience, organiza¬tional citizenship behavior (OCB) and employee-oriented organizational culture as employee per-formance predictor. Ths was a field study that used a quantitative methodology. A questionnaire was used to collect data about open¬ness to experience, organizational citizenship behavior, employee-oriented organizational culture, and employee performance. Hypothesis test done with regression analysis toward 166 respondents resulted in the value of F=52,971 (p<0.05). Data analysis results explained that openness to experience variable, organizational citizenship behavior variable, employee-oriented organizational culture variable worked together to give influential contribution as much as 49.5% toward employee’s performance. The study resolved that the organiza¬tional citizenship behavior and openness to experi¬ence are significant variables for predicting employee performance.
Keywords: openness to experience, organizational citizenship behavior, organization’s culture oriented to employees, employee performance

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DOI: 10.22146/jpsi.6950


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