Penyesalan Pasca Pembelian Ditinjau dari Big Five Personality

Lila Meutia Iskandar, - Zulkarnain
(Submitted 25 August 2015)
(Published 27 June 2013)


The purpose of this study is to determine relationship between big five personality dimensions and post purchase regret. The study was done cross sectionally and involving 207 students of University “X” at Sumatera Utara. Data was collected through Big Five Inventory (BFI) and Post Purchase Consumer Regret (PPCR) scales. Data was analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple regressions. The result shows that there is a significant correlation between big five personality and post purchase regret (r=0.374, p<0.01). The result also shows significant correlation between dimensions of big five personality with post purchase regret, such as; openness to experience (r=0.238, p<0.01), conscientiousness (r=0.202, p<0.01), extraversion (r=0.237, p<0.01), agreeableness (r=0.138, p<0.05) and neuroticism (r=0.303, p<0.01). Based on the stepwise method, neuroticism, extraversion, conscientiousness and openness to experience are found to be of significant in explaining post purchase regret. The implication of this study is that it contributes to the understanding of the big five personality dimensions that eventually having an impact to post purchase regret.

Keyword : big five personality, post purchase regret, adolescents

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DOI: 10.22146/jpsi.7068


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