Efektivitas Metode Problem‐Based Learning dalam Pembelajaran Mata Kuliah Teori Psikologi Kepribadian II

- Supratiknya, Titik Kristiyani
(Submitted 18 November 2015)
(Published 18 November 2015)


This study aims at uncovering: (1) whether the problem‐based learning (PBL) method is effective to teach a theoretical subject such as Personality Psychology II; (2) how effective is the PBL method compared to the traditional method to teach a theoretical subject such as Personality Psychology II; and (3) whether the teacher
factors affect the effectiveness of the PBL method to teach a theroretical subject such as Personality Psychology II. Three available classes of Subjects enrolling in Personality Psychology
II, two of which were taught with the PBL method by a senior‐male‐demanding teacher and a junior‐female‐easy‐going teacher respectively while the other one was taught with the traditional method by the senior‐male‐demanding teacher, participated in the study. Designed as a quasi‐experimental research, the results showed that the first two aims of the study were confirmed. Regarding the teacher factors effect, the study showed a direct and positive relation between the Subjects’ number of study hour and
their achievement disregarding both the teaching method and the teacher factors as well as a complicated relation between the Subjects’ learning satisfaction and their achievement presum‐
ably involving both the teaching method and the teacher factors with the various aspects of teacher competencies. A further study on the last matter seems to be needed.

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DOI: 10.22146/jpsi.7958


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