Perbedaan Reaksi Emosional Antara Olahragawan Body Contact dan Non Body Contact

- Sukadiyanto
(Submitted 18 November 2015)
(Published 18 November 2015)


This research aimed to know the difference of emotional reaction status between athletes of body contact and non body contact, and also aimed to know the difference of emotional reaction status between boys and girls. The research method is survey, and data
collecting by questionnaire which consist of seven factors, that is desire, assertiveness, sensitivity, tension control, confidence, personal accountability, and self‐discipline. In each factor
consist of six statement item, three positive statement and three negative statements. Research populations are all athletes in
Kabupaten Sleman, and with purposive sampling technique there were 204 boys and girls. Data analyzed by analysis of variance
with level of significance 5%. Result of research indicate that: (1) There are difference of emotional reaction status between an athelete of body contact and non body contact, where an athelete of body contact higher than non body contact, (2) There are
difference of emotional reaction status between sportsman of boys and girls, where boys higher than girls, and (3) There is no interaction between the kind of sports and the gender on the
emotional reaction status.

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DOI: 10.22146/jpsi.7961


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