Perilaku Adjektiva terhadap Nomina dalam Frasa dan Klausa Bahasa Jerman dan Bahasa Indonesia

Dewi Ratnasari(1*)

(*) Corresponding Author


This research, which has been carried out in the frame of contrastive linguistics and universal grammar, focuses on the distribution of adjectives upon noun in the phrases and clauses in German and Indonesian. The objects of the research are to describe and compare the distribution of adjectives as well as their implication upon their forms. The data was obtained from German literary works such as romance books and novels, German grammar books, and various kinds of newspapers i.e. Suddeutsche Zeitung, KOMPAS and regional West Java Pikiran Rakyat daily. The results show the contrasts between those found in German and in Indonesian. In the order of phrasal elements, adjectives in German are located to the left of the nouns which serve as their boundary and the determinants are located to the left of the adjectives. In Indonesian attributive adjectives are located to the right of the nouns whereas determinants are located to the right of the adjectives. Further, in clauses, adjectives in German are connected to copulative verbs that state opinions to form predicates. In this case, adjectives require the existence of other elements as their sub-systems and potentially dominate the morphological forms of those other elements. In Indonesian, adjectives can occupy the slot where the predicates should be, which is to the right of the subjects.

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