Book Review Guidelines

Humaniora, in addition to publishing original articles, publishes book reviews which contribute to advancing the study of humanities from Indonesian perspective. Authors who wish to submit a book review should consult this guideline before doing so:

  1. Reviews should be in the form of an essay. Please provide a brief summary of the book details at the beginning of your review.
  2. You are invited to review a single monograph or an edited collection. Humaniora also welcome a review that discusses more than one book. The books should not be published more than 5 years ago.
  3. In reviewing book(s), please consider Humaniora focus and scope. Ask how the book(s) contribute to the study of humanities in Indonesia and from Indonesian perspective. Position the book in the context of relevant literature.
  4. If you are reviewing multiple books, please consider comparing the books in light of the study of humanities in Indonesia.
  5. While you are welcome to provide a book report style review (by providing chapter by chapter summaries), Humaniora recommend reviewers to focus on the book purpose, content, method, and style. You should also comment the kind of readership suitable for the book(s) (e.g., introductory text or advanced; whether they are suitable for undergraduate students, etc).
  6. Consider the strength and weakness of the book(s).
  7. Refrain from attacks and unnecessary praise to the book authors.
  8. Review of single books should not exceed 1.000 words, while review for multiple books or an edited collection should be between 1.500-2.500 words.
  9. Book reviews should follow Humaniora style guideline (except for word counts), and be submitted using our Open Journal System.

Humaniora also accepts suggestions for books to review. Please contact the editorial team at with a subject line ‘Book Review Suggestion’.

For more information on book review submissions, please contact Dr. Ramayda Akmal at, with a subject line ‘Book Review Humaniora’.