Article in Press

This page contains articles in press. It means that the articles have been reviewed properly according to the Humaniora standards and policies and are accepted to be published in the upcoming issue. However, the articles have no particular publication date yet, until they are officially published on the website in a complete issue or volume.

Volume 32 (2) June 2020 [In Press]

The Inefficacy of Naming Genocide in Contemporary Southeast Asia | Annie Elizabeth Pohlman

Media Ethnography in Diasporic Communities | Putut Widjanarko

Shifting Landscapes: Remapping The Writing Traditions of Islamic Southeast Asia through Digitisation | Annabel Teh Gallop

Understanding Secularism and National Identity in French Political Discourse | Aprilia Firmonasari

Determinant of Teachers' Job Satisfaction: School Culture Perspective | Bahar Adem Abdulahi

The Image Construction of Islamic Defender Front (FPI) in the Jakarta Post Online News | Siti Nurul Hidayah

Comparative Reading of Motherhood Identities in East African and Indonesian Literature | Stanley Elias