Review of Primary Care Practice and Education (Kajian Praktik dan Pendidikan Layanan Primer)

Review of Primary Care Practice and Education (Kajian Praktik dan Pendidikan Layanan Primer)

Review of Primary Care Practice and Education (Kajian Praktik dan Pendidikan Layanan Primer) / RPCPE is an official journal of the College of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians which is established in January 2018 and published three times a year (January, May and September) and published by College of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians and the Department Family and Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The journal secretariate is at Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada, under the Department of Family and Community Medicine. Review of Primary Care Practice and Education (RPCPE) is designed to fulfill scientific information within the scope of primary care practice and education, for health professionals, general practitioners, educators and preceptors who are working at ambulatory care clinical settings. This journal is one of efforts towards stregthening primary care practice and education in Indonesia, regional Asia Pacific and the world.The journal was established by several faculty of medicine, as the National Board of Indonesian Primary Care Physicians who strive for better primary health care services and education in Indonesia.

Review of Primary Care Practice and Education (RPCPE) is starting with Vol.1 No.1 with ISSN 2613-943X of its print version and 2620-5572 of its online version in accordance with the policy of Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia. The journal is bilingual in purpose to provide ways of communication between Indonesia and centre of primary care excellences in other parts of the world. RPCPE is using Open Journal System requiring all writers to register in advance before they are allowed to upload the manuscript they write online. Afterwards, the editors, peer reviewers, and writers can monitor the manuscript processing. The submission process of a manuscript is open throughout the year. All submitted manuscripts will go through the double-blind peer review and editorial review before being granted with acceptance for publication.

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Second Edition - May 2018  
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Vol 2, No 3 (2019): September

Table of Contents


Tjay Tan, Oryzati Hilman Agrimon
10.22146/rpcpe.49972 Abstract views : 311 | views : 234

Concept Paper

Nur Afrainin Syah
10.22146/rpcpe.49971 Abstract views : 655 | views : 187
Mariatul Fadilah
10.22146/rpcpe.50205 Abstract views : 539 | views : 217

Research Articles

Rifka Irhamna, Xela Adilla Pramesthi, Yuman Arya Nasrullah, Minarni Wartiningsih
10.22146/rpcpe.46872 Abstract views : 506 | views : 178
Diah Prasetyorini, Hari Kusnanto, Mora Claramita
10.22146/rpcpe.48151 Abstract views : 448 | views : 161
Wika Hartanti, Nurazid Mahardinata, Soenarto Sastrowijoto
10.22146/rpcpe.47861 Abstract views : 447 | views : 143

Case Report

Ika Hermawati, Fitriana Murriya Ekawati
10.22146/rpcpe.48156 Abstract views : 429 | views : 164
Fatkurochman Fatkurochman, Aghnaa Gayatri
10.22146/rpcpe.48158 Abstract views : 430 | views : 163