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JURNAL TEKNOSAINS is a journal, which began publication in 2011, published by the Graduate School of Universitas Gadjah Mada. It starts from Volume 1 Number 1 in December 2011 for printed version and the online version; ISSN (print) 2089-6131 and ISSN (online) 2443-1311. JURNAL TEKNOSAINS is a series of scientific publications in science and technology area from the perspective of a multi and interdisciplinary studies and it is published on each semester in June and December. Jurnal Teknosains has been accredited (B / Sinta 2) by Directorate General of Higher Education, Indonesian Ministry of Education since 2017 (valid until 2022) with the Number 51/E/KPT/2017 in December 4, 2017.

In 2017, Jurnal Teknosains has collaborated with the Operator Cooperation Agency for Higher Education Industrial Engineering Indonesia (BKSTI) to support Journal of Teknosains and working together in managing journals, exchanging articles, and distributing articles broadly together (for details click here).

For submitting your article, please follow this link and follow the author guidelines in this link to meet our criteria for Jurnal Teknosains. If you need a step by step tutorial for online submission and our journal template, you download it on the right sidebar.If you still need assistance for further information, do not hesitate to contact our technical details via Whatsapp (just click icon).

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Reaccreditation Result for Jurnal Teknosains


Dear all authors,

Jurnal Teknosains had submitted for reaccreditation in early 2022. The results of the reaccreditation have been published. Jurnal Teknosains still maintains the status of Sinta 2 again (proof can be downloaded here)

Thank you for all those who support Jurnal Teknosains and make this journal as venue of your work.




Posted: 2022-06-08



Dear all authors,

Our editorial team has added a way to write the latest references.

Writing format systems of a bibliography and references for Jurnal Teknosains is using IEEE or Harvard Writing Style. Please change your reference writing style carefully (including coma, full stop, italic, url, and so on). We have updated the format for Harvard Writing Style below.

Download the new format here.

Thank your for all your support

Posted: 2019-07-30



The Editorial Board at Jurnal Teknosains declares that Book Review in our journal will be closed for the submission in June 2019.

Based on our evaluation, we are pleased to anounce that Book Review format will be changed to Regular article. It will be started from December 2019. One issue will have 8 quotas for each publication.

We appreciate to all authors for your great interest in this journal as a venue of your work.

Thank your for all your support.

Posted: 2019-07-24
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