Coaching Psychology: sebuah Pengantar

Teddi Prasetya Yuliawan
(Submitted 7 June 2016)
(Published 7 June 2016)


Coaching is a rapidly growing realm in recent decades. More than just a popular field of
psychology, coaching has also been the subject of discussion and research by psychology
practitioners and academics. This paper intends to provide an introduction to coaching psychology,
a field that in the last 10 years has grown by psychology practitioners in Australia and Europe. We
discuss the differences that coaching has compared to another field, the development of coaching
psychology, and the opportunity for future research and development. Hopefully, psychology
practitioners in this country will be interested to do research and development in this field, given
the increasing interest, both from the psychology and non-psychology.

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DOI: 10.22146/bpsi.11556


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