Investigation of Covid-19 transmission at a digital service company, Sleman Distric, 2020 - a case report study

  • Yosua Natanael Sriadi FETP, FKKMK UGM
Keywords: COVID-19, epidemiology investigation, cluster, transmission


Objective: On 08 October 2020 the Sleman District Health Office received a report from a hospital of positive PCR results from 19 employees from “X” company. Epidemiological investigations were conducted to see the magnitude of the problem, the risk factors that affected it and to give recommendations for future prevention.

Method: This study is a descriptive epidemiological study. The case are employees who tested positive Covid-19 used RT-PCR test. Data collection was carried out by interviewed employees and reviewed relevant documents. Epidemiological investigations were carried out to learn the history of close contact with the suspect, symptoms and other risk factors. Direct observations were conducted to see the conditions and situations of the employee's workplace.

Results: The first case was found to have come to work in a sick condition before finally tested positive on September 30, 2020. A total of 109 out of 1138 employees tested positive from September 28 to November 30, 2020 (AR = 9.31%). The cases were predominantly female (74.5%), most of the cases are asymptomatic (78.3%), Others experienced fever (8.5%) and cough (8.5%). The largest age groups were 20-24 years (48.1%) and 25-30 years (43.4%). Direct observation found that a small indoor poor ventilation room had at 118 people worked in the same shift. The interview with company showed that they could not ensure that their employees could practice health protocol properly, even they had made regulation about mask wearing and provided hand sanitizer.

Conclusions: There was a Covid-19 cluster transmission at “X” company. The cramped working space and the high volume of workers were likely to be the risk factors for Covid-19 transmission. We suggested reducing the number of employees working together in a room by adding more working shift.

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