Virtual supervision of pulmonary tuberculosis control program in the era of COVID-19 in East OKU Regency

  • Siti Patria Hutami Gadjah Mada University
Keywords: virtual supervision, pulmonary TB control program, health department, primary health centers


Background: The Covid-19 pandemic requires all parties to adapt to an unprecedented situation. Meanwhile, the implementation of pulmonary TB control program activities must continue to support the success of the pulmonary TB control program in East OKU Regency in the Covid-19 pandemic era. Coaching is usually done face-to-face but is now very difficult to do because the Covid-19 pandemic has not subsided. With the presence of modern technology today that covers all aspects of life, including the supervision activities carried out from the Regional Health Department to the primary health in East OKU Regency on a virtual basis. Purpose: This study aims to describe the virtual supervision mechanism carried out by the Health Office to the primary health during the Covid-19 pandemic in the pulmonary TB control program in East OKU Regency. Method: This research is a descriptive case study approach through a single case holistic design. Qualitative information was obtained through in-depth interviews and documentation studies. Results: The implementation of virtual supervision activities is carried out via WhatsApp and telephone. Virtual supervision makes it easier to access communication between the supervisor and TB programmer at the primary health because there are no distance and time limits. The Regional Health Department can monitor MSS achievements through the online report and can monitor the availability of drug stocks virtually through coordination with the TB programmer at the primary health, but for monitoring the use of logistics and monitoring reports related to slide numbering at the primary health. Conclusion:  Virtual supervision activities were carried out via telephone or WhatsApp as an exchange of data and information as well as monitoring related to the implementation of TB control programs during the Covid-19 pandemic, but limited signals became an obstacle in implementing virtual supervision in several primary health. Training can be carried out through a digital platform to improve the competence of TB program managers at East OKU during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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