Peer Review Process

The reviews will be conducted in the Double-Blind Review process. Normal turnaround time for evaluation of the manuscript is 2 months from the date of receipt. 

Step of Review Process

1. Author submits article (online submission)
2. Articles are assessed by the editor (Initial Review)
3. The result of the assessment: Accepted for the next process or declined

  • Accepted for the next process: Articles are sent to the reviewer
  • Articles reject

4. Reviewer articles are sent back to editors
5. Editor's decision on the reviewed article

5.1. Articles are accepted without revision (Revision is completed). The next process are

  • Language editing (Author's responsibility),
  • Author submits a final article, attached by a letter of proofread statement from the native editor. The next, the author completes the payment, author sign the letter of publication agreement, and Articles are sen to layout-copyediting. Finally, Articles are completely accepted and ready to publish (Published right in the next issue and save in database for upcoming issues. 

5.2. Articles are accepted with minor revision. Author is welcome to resubmit the revised article with some OJS account. After revision is completed, the author follows procedure point 5.1.

5.3. Article is accepted with major revision. The author is welcome to resubmit the article with the same OJS account for reassessed by editors (initial review). After Author revises and resubmits articles on the same OJS account, the authors follow from the point. 3 to the final step.

5.4. Declined. All rejected articles are not processed and returned.