Published: May 15, 2023

The Roles of Social Media Influencers on Online Fundraising in Indonesia

May 2, 2023
Joyce Cheah Lynn-Sze, Nurul Nazielah Bt Fathi
Read Statistic: 1704

Work Engagement Influences Affective Commitment: Psychological Capital and Perceived Organisation Support As Moderators

May 2, 2023
119 – 132
Daniel Lie, Kiky Dwi Hapsari Saraswati, David Sugianto Lie
Read Statistic: 974

The Effect of Foreign Debt, Liquidity, Firm Size, and Exchange Rate on Hedging Decision

May 2, 2023
133 – 146
Jovi Ostana Mangara Yudha, Reni Oktavia, Neny Desriani
Read Statistic: 1720

Examining the Role of Social Media Marketing on Brand Love and Its Impact on Brand Centrality: The Study of Local Fashion Brands for the Millennials

May 2, 2023
147 – 165
Iin Mayasari, Handrix Chris Haryanto, Olivia Deliani Hutagaol, Adam Rizky Ramadhan, Iwan Amir
Read Statistic: 1268

Revisiting Financial Volatility in the Indonesian Islamic Stock Market: GARCH – MIDAS Approach

May 2, 2023
166 – 177
Nevi Danila
Read Statistic: 541