Published: Jan 26, 2024

The Retirement Consumption Puzzle Effect in Indonesia: Evidence from IFLS 4 and 5

Jan 18, 2024
Margareta Vania Putri, Catur Sugiyanto
Read Statistic: 344

Employee Satisfaction Factors in the E-Commerce Company: The Mediating Role of Employee Engagement

Jan 18, 2024
Ahmad Azmy
Read Statistic: 622

The Impact of Input Tariffs on Gender Inequality: An Empirical Study in Indonesia

Jan 18, 2024
Noorish Heldini
Read Statistic: 311

The Effect of Prepayment Contract Frames and Feedback on Budgetary Slack: An Experimental Investigation

Jan 18, 2024
Frida Fanani Rohma, Nur Anita
Read Statistic: 248

The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Mental Health: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Indonesia

Jan 18, 2024
Gumilang Sahadewo, Yudistira Hendra Permana, Yuanyuan Gu, Elizabeth-Ann Schroeder
Read Statistic: 232