Aktivitas Antioksidasi Ekstrak Fenol Umbi Sarang Semut (HYDNOPHYTUM SP.) Pada berbagai Suhu Penyeduhan


Yohana S.K. Dewi(1*), Dominika Dominika(2)

(1) Fakultas Pertanian, Univesitas Tanjungpura, Jl. A. Yani, Pontianak 78124
(2) Fakultas Pertanian, Univesitas Tanjungpura, Jl. A. Yani, Pontianak 78124
(*) Corresponding Author


Antioxidant activity of Sarang Semut tubers (Hydnophytum sp.) extracts toward stepping treatments was investigated. Powder of sarang semut tubers was diluted in 200 ml of distilled water then its being subjected to stepping treatment of three different treatments: cooked at 60, 80 and 100 °C for 2, 4 and 6 minutes. Effect of stepping treatment of Sarang Semut tuber juices on the antioxidant activity and the total phenol contents was investigated. Antioxidant activity of Sarang Semut tuber juices was estimated according to DPPH methods. The total phenol content in the tuber juices was measured with Folin-Ciocalteu reagent using gallic acid as a standard. The results showed that stepping treatment did not affect antioxidant activity of Sarang Semut tuber juices. Stepping treatment of Sarang Semut tuber juices at 100 °C exhibited the highest total phenol contents.


Aktivitas antioksidasi ekstrak umbi sarang semut (Hydnophytum sp.) telah diteliti pada berbagai suhu penyeduhan. Serbuk umbi sarang semut (2,5g) diseduh dalam akuades yang telah dipanaskan pada suhu 60,8 dan 100 °C selama 2,4, dan 6 menit. Pengaruh perlakuan penyeduhan terhadap serbuk sarang semut diuji aktivitas antioksidasi dan kand- ungan total fenol. Pengujian aktivitas antioksidasi dengan metode DPPH dan kandungan total fenol dengan metode Folin Ciocalteou dengan standar asam galat. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan perlakuan penyeduhan tidak mempengar- uhi aktivitas antioksidasi serbuk sarang semut. Suhu penyeduhan 100 °C menghasilkan kandungan total fenol umbi sarng semut tertinggi.


Sarang semut tuber; stepping treatment; total phenol; antioxidant activity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22146/agritech.9867

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